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Natural Hygiene is an extremely effective system of achieving overall human health and happiness. The name comes from two words: Natural – in harmony with Nature, and Hygiene – the science of excellent health.

Natural Hygiene recognizes that the human body is a fully self-sufficient organism that is self-directing, self-constructing, self-preserving and self-healing; and that it is capable of maintaining itself in superb functioning order, completely free of disease, if its basic needs are properly met.

Natural Hygiene is the only systematic and logical study of what it takes for people to achieve health and excellence in the many different spheres of life. Through discerning observation and careful study of nature, and of mankind’s harmonious place in it, Natural Hygiene has come to encompass all that serves to support and encourage health and personal growth for everyone.

Natural Hygiene teaches us to trust ourselves and our bodies, to observe the body and its vital signs, and to a live simple, natural lifestyle to recover from disease and to maintain health. The focus is on the factors of health – water, food, sunshine, sleep, exercise, etc. – that will enable you to truly get well; to reach and maintain a high state of health. Our bodies can heal themselves, if we learn how to cooperate with it properly. Self-study and self-reliance is encouraged.

“The underlying basis of Natural Hygiene is that the body is self-cleansing, self-healing and self-maintaining. Natural Hygiene is based on the idea that all the healing power of the universe is within the human body; that nature is always correct and can not be improved upon. We experience problems of health (i.e. excess weight, pain, stress, disease) only when we break the natural laws of life.”
– Harvey Diamond, Fit for Life, 1985


The Essential Natural Hygiene Course (ENHC) will provide you with a very solid and substantial foundation in all the basic principles of Natural Hygiene. This course was originally written and compiled by T. C. Fry. It has been significantly updated, revised, edited and reformatted by Dr. Robert Sniadach. It provides you full knowledge of the lifestyle practices that result in optimal health. Important hygienic health concepts and principles are clearly presented, and, just as importantly, erroneous concepts and principles that most of us have previously learned and believe are exposed. It is just as important to get rid of false information as it is to learn the simple truths of optimal health care and lifestyle practices!

This excellent grounding in all the principles and practices of Natural Hygiene will greatly help you to follow through in practice, since being armed with solid knowledge can definitely help to keep you focused on your path to high-level health and well-being. It will also help you to integrate this superb lifestyle into your daily home routine for your loved ones. No doubt you will get many questions asked of you, and this Essential Course will give you many simple and straightforward answers to people’s questions about this lifestyle. Upon completion of the Essential Natural Hygiene Course, you will be well-qualified to assist many, many others in their own search for truthful answers to confusing health questions and painful health problems.

Natural Hygiene offers something very different from the what is normally learned in the conventional health care field. Instead of treating symptoms, it goes to the deeper – to the causes of problems. Unlike the typical therapeutic “fix it” systems of conventional and alternative health care, you will find the principles of Natural Hygiene to be firmly based on the timeless infinite wisdom of nature; it is experientially true and increasingly scientifically understood and proven. Natural Hygiene will often seem to conflict with popular notions about health, but upon deeper examination you will find that the tenets of Natural Hygiene are sound, straight forward and of good common sense. Natural Hygiene works! It is absolutely true that health is only created by healthful living. This is our focus.

The in-depth lessons you receive are rich in Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Cytology, Physical Fitness, Holistic Living, Nutrition and Health Sciences.

Benefits of completing this Course

The foremost benefit of completing the ENHC is that you will be firmly rooted in the basic truths of personal health care. And more importantly, you can practice them to the best of your ability. You will experience a level of health and well-being that you have never felt before. This is priceless!

Studying the ENHC is a big commitment, but one that will change your life forever. I consider each of us to be pioneers, blazing new paths and reaching new heights in personal health care and growth. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and enable a positive shift in the attitude towards healthy living of as many people as possible.

During your studies, I offer to you my service as doctor, teacher, guide and mentor. Always feel free to email to me any questions or comments that you may have about your studies. Also as part of your enrollment, I am happy to help you with your personal health situation. Ask me about your health concerns and problems, and we can work together to help you learn and integrate NH into your life. This way you can get on the best and most direct road to get your own health improved to where you want it to be.

You can complete the courses at the pace that suits your lifestyle best – intensive or relaxed. But it does require commitment and an open-minded attitude. You will learn and experience radically new, but amazingly simple practices that will provide you with wonderful health and useful tools to use for the rest of your life. You can enjoy phenomenal benefits if you undertake this course of study with sincerity and dedication.

This is a very “student-friendly” program and it is extremely comprehensive.

Each lesson starts with the “theme”, the basic principle expounded throughout the lesson. It provides a clear statement of the lesson’s objectives. All major sections are identified and the instructions are clearly listed.

The material in each lesson presents a strong argument in support of its theme. New vocabulary is clearly defined in separate sections. The key concepts and salient or important facts are fully developed for each lesson. Lastly, a detailed summary of each lesson, questions, supplementary text material and quizzes/work sheets are provided for easy review and to develop mastery of the materials.

The Essential Course is geared toward the newer aspirant in Natural Hygiene, and covers all the necessary ground for a comprehensive understanding of the basics. You will be challenged to learn and understand the basic principles fully, for they are often very different from what most of us have been taught regarding health care. Each lesson is focused on a particular aspect of health. The spectrum of health sciences that these lessons cover makes the full course comparable to having a health library in your own home.


The Essential Natural Hygiene Course contains the following 44 lessons:

ENH01 Natural Hygiene, The Way Of All Life – Download Sample Lesson
ENH02 Wisdom And Intelligence Of The Body
ENH03 The Natural Hygiene System I
ENH04 The Natural Hygiene System II
ENH05 The Nature And Purpose Of Disease
Test 1

ENH06 Nutritional Science
ENH07 The Human Diet, Section One
ENH08 The Human Diet, Section Two
ENH09 Air, Sunshine and Natural Light
ENH10 The Role Of Water
ENH11 Rest And Sleep
Test 2

ENH12 Basic Digestive Physiology
ENH13 Food Combining Principles
ENH14 Selection And Storage Of Foods I
ENH15 Selection And Storage Of Foods II
ENH16 Preparing And Serving Foods I
ENH17 Preparing And Serving Foods I
Test 3

ENH18 Meat: Inferior Food
ENH19 All Animal Courses: More Inferior Food
ENH20 Seasonings And Condiments
ENH21 Sugars And Sweeteners
ENH22 Refined And Processed Foods
ENH23 Beverages In The Diet
Test 4

ENH24 Junk Foods: Molasses
ENH25 Junk Foods: Garlic And Onions
ENH26 Fermented And Putrefied Foods
ENH27 Avoiding Junk Foods: Positive Effects
Test 5

ENH28 Most Supplements Are Inferior
ENH29 The Dangers Of Drugs
ENH30 Herbal Drugs
ENH31 Tobacco And Alcohol
ENH32 Cooked Food
ENH33 Overeating, Food And Diet Fanaticism
Test 6

ENH34 Exercise – What It Does
ENH35 Exercise Programs
ENH36 Exercise In Your Lifestyle
ENH37 Exercise And Children
Test 7

ENH38 Self-Sufficiency
ENH39 Healthy Skin
ENH40 Healthy Eyes And Teeth
ENH41 Healthy Hair
ENH42 Stress Management
Test 8

ENH43 Healthy Living Within The Family
ENH44 Socializing And Natural Hygiene
Test 9

Final Exam

Testing Procedures

The Essential Natural Hygiene Course is divided up into several Parts. Each Part consists of two or more Lessons, typically 4 to 6 Lessons. As you complete each Part, there is a test to complete and send back to Transformation Institute by email. The test questions consist of true/false and multiple choice sections. The appropriate questions for each test are included with your course materials. Answer sheets for the tests will be emailed to you at the time of enrollment.

Your tests are graded, recorded and returned to you, along with correct answers where necessary. Response time for you getting your test results returned is usually 1 week for email tests.

By satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of the Essential Natural Hygiene Course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. This signifies a solid understanding of the basic concepts of Natural Hygiene.

Recommended Supplementary Study Texts

These texts are NOT provided with the Course package. However it is highly recommended that you acquire a good quality Anatomy & Physiology textbook and Medical Dictionary. It is not necessary that you acquire the exact books mentioned below. They are suggested as a guide. Relatively recent used books are perfectly fine and much less expensive than new textbooks.

The Anatomy and Physiology
Learning System, 3rd Edition

By Edith J. Applegate, PhD
496 pages 328 ills; Trim size 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 in
Copyright 2006
$39.95, Soft cover
Also consider the WorkBook/Study Guide companion for this textbook.
Publisher: Saunders
ISBN: 1416025863
ISBN-13: 9781416025863

More anatomy and physiology books to choose from.

Here is an online textbook.

Medical Dictionary – Plenty to choose from.


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